To unite and organize all remaining
emerging artists promoting
the always looming greater good.

To promote art education
through studio residences
 in a collaborative environment
modelled after current social media protocols.


The development of a Dump School Of Thought a.k.a. #DUMPHAUS will be raised from the augmentation of the virtual site, places which arise upon necessity on the internet, and dissipate as emotional needs are met.

All accomodations within the #DUMPHAUS physical manifestations will be styled after industrial orphanage-type of living, with shared bathroom and sleeping arrangements, and a common work studio.  We will work on the premise that all necessary materials for all artwork must manifest free of cost. Also, we will continue to expand on the present exploration of remodeled industrial warehouse space as a permanent living arrangement, as well as the usurpation of decaying buildings that serve as a home for squatters and homeless youth. Tent living is also an option, as determined by each resident’s desire to live differently.

Residencies will definitely always accomodate collaborative works, which can exist in the form of festivals, conferences, and group travels.

A further goal is to promote art education by providing students with college credit upon request. #DUMPHAUS also seeks to grant donation-based scholarships for artists who are burdened by the financial struggle of owing excessive school fees to the many governmental financial schemes and private loan institutions in countries which demand payment for education.